Ministerial Award Ceremony for the 2018 New Technology Commercialization Competition

In December 2018, Globiz Co., Ltd. was awarded a Minister’s Award at the ‘Promotion of New Technology Commercialization Competition’ hosted by the ‘Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy National Standards Center’.

▲ CEO Jong-soon Lim of Globiz Co., Ltd.

The Promotion of New Technology Commercialization Competition, celebrating its 22nd year, aims to enhance the enthusiasm for new technology development among domestic companies and encourage market development such as public institution purchases for certified products. At this event, approximately 400 attendees, including certified new technology (NET), new product (NEP), excellent recycling (GR) companies, and public institution purchase managers, shared exemplary cases of new technology commercialization and market expansion, and awards were also given to deserving organizations.

▲ The commendation certificate won at the 2018 New Technology Commercialization Promotion Competition

The commendation certificate that Globiz Co., Ltd. won at this event is for the ‘Integrated Monitoring Platform Technology for the Structural Integrity of Large Buildings’, which was certified for its expertise at the 2017 New Technology (NET) certification briefing. This recognition reaffirms the contribution to the development and practical application of new technologies.

▲ Employees of Globiz Co., Ltd.

CEO Jong-soon Lim said, “I am pleased to be recognized for the achievements of commercializing the new technology acquired through independent research and development. We will work even harder to become a global IT & Safety Leader.”
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