CEO Message

Our company is unique in the world that has developed diagnostic and predictive systems as well as control systems for core devices in the automotive and transportation machinery sectors. We have also developed a platform for integrated big data management.​

We have independently developed various hardware such as sensors, smart measuring instruments, server systems, firmware, graphic user interfaces, database management, and web operation systems, and we possess the highest level of technology in the world. We provide total solutions that meet diverse customer demands.​

In particular, we have developed hardware and software dedicated to condition monitoring, surpassing the limitations of traditional general-purpose equipment. We continuously monitor the status and communication of sensors to enhance the reliability of monitoring systems. All the systems currently developed are pioneering technologies that are applied for the first time in the world.​

As a leading technology company, we will continuously conduct research and development to be recognized as a company that consistently excels in the global market. Thank you.​


President’s Profile

Ph.D. from KAIST in 1993

20 years of service at KIST and other research institutes

Filed and registered 60 patents

Presented and published 40 research papers

Successfully completed 85 research projects

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