MOU Signing between Globiz Inc. and Daeshin Transportation Corporation

On November 20th, Globiz Inc. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Daeshin Transportation Corporation. The MOU was signed between Jongsoon Lim, the CEO of Globiz, and Jicheol Ha, the CEO of Daeshin Transportation Corporation. The agreement was made to maintain a close and friendly relationship for the early commercialization of the vehicle self-diagnosis system and services for enhancing automobile driving safety through a pilot driving project.

▲ Jicheol Ha, CEO of Daeshin Transportation Corporation, and Jongsoon Lim, CEO of Globiz Inc.

Both institutions have agreed to cooperate on matters related to the pilot operation of vehicle self-diagnosis systems, service development through the application to commercial vehicles, development of predictive maintenance technology for safety parts, and timely provision of other consumables replacement information.

▲ Vehicle Early Self-Diagnosis System

The ‘Vehicle Self-Diagnosis System’ to be test-driven in the vehicles of Daeshin Transportation Corporation is a system developed by Globiz. Unlike the conventional OBDII, which only diagnoses the sensor itself and electrical parts, this system enables early diagnosis of ‘chassis’ defects, which have the greatest impact on accidents. Moreover, it can prevent accidents by providing drivers with diagnostic information in real time through an app, and it enables efficient vehicle management.

▲ Globiz Inc. and Daeshin Transportation Corporation employees participating in the MOU signing ceremony

Jongsoon Lim, CEO of Globiz, said, “The Vehicle CBM system is the world’s first ‘Early Self-Diagnosis System’. In the future, we expect the ‘Vehicle CBM System’ to act as a catalyst for safety in the automotive industry.”
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