PHM Korea 2019 (Korea PHM Society Annual Conference) on site

Globiz Inc. participated as a main sponsor in ‘PHM Korea 2019’, held under the auspices of the Korean Society of Prognostics and Health Management (KSPHM) from April 11 to 12. The system introduced by Globiz Inc. at ‘PHM Korea 2019’ is the ‘Vehicle Defect Early Detection System’, which is an intelligent status monitoring system and a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) platform based on IoT technology. This system not only plays a role in real-time assessment of the overall state of railway vehicles and early detection of risks within the vehicles to prevent accidents, but also allows for the establishment of a condition-based maintenance system, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

▲ Globiz Inc.’s booth at PHM Korea 2019

▲ Globiz Inc.’s vehicle defect early detection system

At this exhibition, Globiz Inc. visualized the information transmission structure by implementing and exhibiting a demo version of the equipment inside the railway vehicle and the web application, such as the ‘wheel module’, ‘drive composite module’, ‘bogie composite module’, and ‘iCMS’, which were developed in-house, so that visitors could easily understand the structure and principle of the ‘Vehicle Defect Early Detection System’. As a result, many visitors showed interest in the ‘Vehicle Defect Early Detection System’.

▲ Visitors interested in Globiz Inc.’s booth

At 1:45 p.m. on the 12th, the oral presentations of the ‘Smart Railway’ section proceeded with five topics: ▲A Study on User Requirements for Railway Vehicle Maintenance Support Systems (Korea Railroad Corporation_Kim Joo Won) ▲Development of Railway Vehicle CBM Platform Using SoS and Big Data Statistical Classification (Globiz Inc._Lim Jong Soon) ▲Development of Multiple Physical Quantity Big Data-based CMS for CBM of Railway Vehicle Wheels (KT&M Engineering_Park Byung Soo) ▲Implementation of Prototype of Status Data Management and Maintenance Support System for Key Components of Railway Vehicles (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute_Park Moon Sung) ▲A Proposal for Establishing a Smart RAMS Management System Through Real-time Fault Monitoring and Analysis Based on PHM in Railway Systems (RAMS Korea_Jung Ji Yong).

▲ Lim Jong Soon, CEO of Globiz Inc., giving an oral presentation in the ‘Smart Railway’ section

In his oral presentation on the topic of ‘Development of Railway Vehicle CBM Platform Using SoS and Big Data Statistical Classification’, Lim Jong Soon, CEO of Globiz Inc., outlined “the current status of technology development for railway vehicle CBM and future research and development strategies,” thus indicating the direction of progress in this field. Furthermore, his oral presentation on ‘Condition Diagnosis of Safety Parts of a Vehicle Using Vibration Based Convolutional Neural Network’ caught attention as he stated, “We plan to further develop a system that diagnoses defects in vibration parts using machine learning.”
Thus, ‘PHM Korea 2019’ provided a significant environment for visitors to directly understand the trend of PHM technology. As a main sponsor of ‘PHM Korea 2019’, Globiz Inc. demonstrated its leading role by showcasing the latest technology and contributing to the development in this field.
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