Acquired ‘Inno-Biz Certificate’ and ‘Venture Company Certificate’ in 2018

▲ (Left) ‘Venture Company Certificate’ / (Center, Right) ‘Innovative Business (Inno-Biz) Certificate’

In July 2018, Globiz Co., Ltd. elevated its stature as a company leading future technology by receiving the ‘Innovative Business (Inno-Biz) Certificate’ and ‘Venture Company Certificate’.
‘Innovative Business (Inno-Biz)’ is a compound word of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Business’, referring to innovative small and medium-sized businesses that have secured competitiveness based on technological superiority. Currently, the ‘Small and Medium Venture Business Department’ is assigning the role of leading technological innovation to companies with high global competitiveness in each field through the Inno-Biz certification system, which is recognized as a new paradigm to enhance national competitiveness.

▲ Concept of ‘Innovative Business (Inno-Biz)’ (Source: Small and Medium Venture Business Department)

This selection as an ‘Innovative Business (Inno-Biz)’ has served as an opportunity for Globiz Co., Ltd. to publicly announce its prestige as a company leading technological innovation. Furthermore, the company’s stature has been further elevated by acquiring the ‘Venture Company Certificate’ that the government awards to companies that are recognized as having relatively high ‘technicality’ and ‘growth potential’ and therefore need to be supported, in the same year.

▲ The view of Globiz Co., Ltd. located in Seoul Special City

With the ‘Innovative Business (Inno-Biz) Certificate’ and ‘Venture Company Certificate’ obtained by Globiz Co., Ltd., various support benefits from the government and external investments are expected to become more active.
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